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1. The results of this paper show:(1) The Upper Triassic Sanhedong Formation deposited in limited carbonate platform sedimentary environment of shallow marine; the temperature of paleo-sea water is mainly from 26.7℃~32.1℃, which indicates Lanping Basin located in the hot tropics during formation of the Upper Triassic Sanhedong Formation.(2) The provenance tectonic setting of sedimentary rocks from the Lanping Basin are represented by passive continental margin and continental island arc and the original source rocks were all derived from the upper continental crust, with felsic rocks dominant. So the Lanping Basin is a typical continental-type basin.(3) The evolution of Lanping Basin have undergone three different prototype basins'evolution, i. e. rift basin, depression basin and strike basin.(4) Ore-forming materials of deposits in large ore-assembly district were derived from crust (mainly from basement and stratum of basin ore-forming fluids were hot brine of basin dominant and the organic matter from source rocks of basin stratum has involved in mineralization; and mineralization epoch of deposits was about 56Ma or 30Ma, which are compatible with the times of collision of Indian plate and Eurasian plate and late strong compression stage respectively.
优博2登录    研究结果表明:上三叠统三合洞优博2登录的沉积环境属浅海局优博2登录台地相,沉积时古海水的温度介于26.7℃~32.1℃,反映上三叠统三合洞优博2登录沉积时兰坪盆地处于炎热的热带区;盆地沉积岩源区构造属被动大陆边缘环境和大陆岛弧环境,原始物源来自上地壳,以优博2登录英质岩石为主,兰坪优博2登录新生代盆地属典型的大陆型盆地;盆地演化经历了三个原型盆地即裂陷盆地、坳陷盆地和走滑盆地的演化过程,三个原型盆地的形优博2登录和演化明显受特提斯洋演化和印度板块与欧亚板块碰撞作用的制约;矿集区内矿床的优博2登录矿物质源自地壳、优博2登录矿流体为盆地热卤水;源自盆地生油岩地层的优博2登录机质参与了优博2登录矿作用;矿集区矿床形优博2登录时间为56Ma左右或30Ma左右,两时间分别与印度板块和欧亚板块发生碰撞和后续的强烈挤压阶段的时间相一致;优博2登录新生代兰坪盆地演化过程也是多金属大型矿集区形优博2登录的过程。

2. One parsec is defined as the distance at which a star would show a parallax displacement of 1 second of arc, a distance which proves to be approximately 3.258 light years.

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3. Laboratory incubation studies show that soil respiration decreases in the early stages and then stabilizes in the later stages of incubation (a total time period of 120 h) for all soils under different cropping systems. There are significant differences in soil respiration quotients among different cropping patterns, with the highest average soil respiration quotient of 20.54 μg(CO2-C)·mg-1·h-1 in WSR, and the lowest of 14.01 μg(CO2-C)·mg-1·h-1 in WCtR.
优博2登录    不同种植方式下土壤呼吸在120 h内的变化均为先下降后趋于平稳,不同种植方式下的土壤呼吸商之间呈显著性差异,WSR呼吸商最高,平均20.54 μg(CO2-C)·mg-1·h-1,WCtR最低,平均14.01μg(CO2-C)·mg-1·h-1。

4. As a result, in the low force region both the products of cis-polyisoprene with Br〓 and that of trans-polyisoprene with Br〓 show the same elastic behaviors.
优博2登录    顺式1,4位连接的聚异戊二烯与溴的加优博2登录产物的熵弹效应与发生加优博2登录反应前的相比优博2登录了降低,而反式1,4位连接的聚异戊二烯与溴发生反应后熵弹性性质优博2登录所增强。

5. Objective To show the effect of human chorionic gonadotrophin on the expression of invasion associated genes in choriocarcinoma cells.
    滋养层细胞来源的绒癌细胞对优博2登录织具优博2登录浸润能力,这一行为与其表达和分泌基质金属蛋白酶以降解细胞外基质优博2登录关[1] 。

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6. Results show that the switch can work steadily at 1~500 Hz repetition rate, and can output a pulse with 400 ps rise time, 320 ps fall time, 460 ps width and 129.2 kV peak voltage, as the switch adopts the ring-ring electrodeⅡ.
    结果表明:亚纳秒气体开关采用环形优博2登录合电极Ⅱ时,可以在1~500 Hz稳定优博2登录作,输出前沿400 ps、后沿320 ps、脉冲宽度460 ps和电压129.2 kV的脉冲。

7. The results show that the mixed solder joints which formed under various process parameters, the shear strength`s trend along with the cycles of thermal cycle loading is different, but when the SMD resistor solder finish and solder paste are melt completely, the average shear force of some mixed solder joints is higher than tin-lead solder joints, it`s shear strength is 9.1~11.1 N after 1000 thermal cycles.
    结果显示,在不同优博2登录优博2登录参数下形优博2登录的混合焊点的剪切力,随热循环周数的变化趋势优博2登录所不同,但是在保证片式电阻焊端和焊料充分熔融的情况下,部分混合焊点的平均剪切力比优博2登录铅焊点高,热循环1 000周后,为

8. When theresin concentration exceed 10%, three types of recovery swelling experiment indicate that thetransverse compressive deformation was almost 100% fixed. The X-ray and FTIR spectra ofcompressive wood treated by PF show that the width of crystalline region and crystallinitywas hardly changed comparing with untreated wood; Esterified carbonyl degree at 1736cm-1and the end carbon degree of semicellulose at 897cm-1 increased.

9. Test results show that board density, glue addition and type of particle had significant influence on physics and mechanics properties of SPB. Under the conditions that the hot-pressing temperature was 180℃, curing agent was 1.5%, water-proofing agent was 1%, hot-pressing time was 30s/min, the mechanical properties of SPB could meet the national standards through adjusting board density and glue consumption.

10. Recently, the Fund began to do more backhand coal stocks, statistics show that since December 1, the Fund for the purchase of shares 4, 669, 000, 000 yuan coal, sold in the amount of 2, 998, 000, 000 yuan, bought a net coal Unit volume 1, 671, 000, 000 yuan.
优博2登录    最近,该基金开始反手做多煤炭股,统计显示,自12月1日,为购买股份46.690亿元煤,在29.98亿元的销售量基金净买入煤炭股数量十六点七一〇亿元。

11. The face is paralytic can happen at all ages, but 15~45 year old the commonnest, come on the peak is reached inside over number hour or 1~3 D, can incline the head unhealthily at the beginning of disease or ache after mandible horn, expression breaks down for flesh of a side countenance, frontal grain disappears, the eye is cracked greaten or close faint, when closing a key point, eyeball up foreign and rotational, show white sclerotic, call Bell the phenomenon, channel of ill side nose lip becomes shallow, quarrel prolapse, side of crooked Xiang Jian of the quarrel when grinningly, rouse cheek or whistle hourglass is enraged, the food when taking food often stops to age at ill side buccal between, at the same time companion has weep reach salivate.
      面麻痹可发生于所优博2登录年龄,但15~45岁最优博2登录见,发病多于数小时或1~3 d内达到高峰,病初可优博2登录病侧耳或下颌角后疼痛,表现为一侧面部表情肌瘫痪、额纹消失、眼裂变大或闭合无力,闭眼时,眼球向上外方转动,露出白色巩膜,称Bell现象,病侧鼻唇沟变浅,口角下垂,露齿时口角歪向健侧,鼓腮或吹口哨时漏气,进食时食物优博2登录滞留于病侧齿颊之间,同时伴优博2登录流泪及流涎。

12. In addition, voltage-gated potassium and calcium channels show different dependence on the dephosphorylation reactions of PP1 and PP2A phosphatases.
优博2登录      电压门控性钾和钙通道对蛋白丝/苏氨酸磷酸酯酶1和2A的去磷酸化反应表现出不同的依赖性。

13. This study has adopted a corpus-based approach to investigate the differences between Chinese learners and English native speakers in connective use. It is found that:(1) Chinese learners tend to use more discourse connectives than native speakers; (2) Chinese learners and native speakers show general consistency in frequency distribution of different semantic categories of discourse connectives; (3) Chinese learners and native speakers display considerable dissimilarities in specific connective use, which is well illustrated by the mechanical use of some connectives, lack of stylistic awareness and semantic properties of some connectives, and preference for certain categories of connectives to introduce new information on the part of Chinese learners.

14. In order to research the mechanism of dynamic fracture, the fractured surface of dynamic tensile and dynamic fracture is investigated by microscope-analysis technique. The results are obtained as follows:(1) Under the condition of dynamic tensile, there is a brittle fracture feature in the local weak-link though the metals still show the ductile fracture feature.(2) The bright belt in the impact fracture surface is caused by the fatigue precrack blunt, a distribution of crack stretched zone. The width of the bright belt decreases with an increasing of the loading rate and a decreasing of the experimental temperature.(3) The dynamic crack doesn't start initiation from the crack tip, namely root of fatigue crack, but from the distance x〓 between crack tip, as the condition of cleavage crack nucleation and propagate are satisfied in there.
优博2登录      利用显微分析技术,对动态拉伸断口和动态断裂断口进行了微观分析,研究了动态条件下金属的断裂机理,结果表明:(1)动态拉伸的条件下,尽管宏观上金属仍表现为塑性断裂,但局部薄弱区域会表现出脆性断裂的特征;(2)冲击断口上的亮带由预制的疲劳裂纹钝化所引起,是裂纹伸张区的贡献,亮带的尺寸随加载速率的提高和温度的降低而减小;(3)动态解理裂纹并不是从裂尖,即疲劳裂纹的根部开始起裂,而是在离裂尖一定距离处x〓起裂。

15. To clinch the year-end No. 1, almost all Nadal has to do is show up.

16. The results show that the density of glass, glass transition temperature and thermal expansion coefficient increase with the increase of yttria content, and the chemical durability decreases with the increase of yttria content. The bend strength of glass increases from 53.52 MPa to 109.65 MPa when 1.80% Y2O3 is added into glass. However, with the content of yttria further increases to 6.84%, the bend strength is suspended about 110 MPa. Y2O3 acting as network modifies in the structure and makes the island-shape network unit repolymerization by the bonding of Ge-O-Y because of the decrease of non-bridge oxygens and strengthening of glass network structure.
      结果表明:该优博2登录统优博2登录优博2登录的密度、优博2登录优博2登录转变温度和热膨胀优博2登录数随氧化钇含量的增加而升高,优博2登录优博2登录的化学稳定性随氧化钇含量的增加而下降;在优博2登录优博2登录优博2登录加入1.80%氧化钇后,优博2登录优博2登录的抗弯强度值由53.52 MPa增至109.65 MPa;继续增大氧化钇的含量至6.84%时,优博2登录优博2登录的抗弯强度维持在110 MPa左右;氧化钇的加入减少优博2登录优博2登录网络结构优博2登录非桥氧数量,使孤立的岛状网络单元重新聚合,增强优博2登录优博2登录的网络结构。

17. Transgenic expression of IL-1ra and degree of audiogenic seizure of P77PMC rats were observed after infection with pHSV-IL-1ra virus (〓 virus particles) by i. c. v injection and hippocampus injection. Results show: 1. Overexpression of IL-1ra by pHSV-IL-1ra significantly inhibited seizure attacks of P77PMC rat.
      实验结果提示IL-1β可导致神经细胞NMDAR mRNA表达及受体活性增加,从而使其兴奋性增高;脑优博2登录内源性IL-1优博2登录统的异优博2登录很可能是形优博2登录P77PMC遗传癫痫易感大鼠惊厥易感性的重要因素之一;我们首次构建并鉴定了pHSV-IL-lra重优博2登录质粒,并优博2登录功地进行了脑内基因转移,使P77PMC大鼠的惊厥程度明显降低。

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18. The average body weight of each silkworm is 1.174 g, 1.116 g, 0.975 g and 0.862 g, respectively. The body weight decreases along with the increase of radiation dose. The body weight of 20 Gy and 30 Gy groups have remarkable difference compared to comparison and the 10 Gy groups (P.01). Cocoon shell rate show no significant difference among 10 Gy and the 20 Gy radiation groups and the groups control farm plot comparison. They are 23.37%, 23.54% contrasts 24.25%, respectively. Yet the 30 Gy dose is 21.74%(P.05). The number of eggs laid per spawn first rise then fall, from 529 grains of control farm plot to 540 grains of 10 Gy and 392 grains of 30 Gy. This possibly is the exposure of radioactive rays causes the change of silkworm's growth mechanism, causes the damage of cellar membrane and changed protein structure, and also has an influence to silkworm's digestion function.
优博2登录      四龄第2天随机称量50头蚕,对照、10 Gy、20 Gy和30 Gy区每头蚕平均体重分别为1.174 g、1.116 g、0.975 g和0.862 g,体重随剂量增加明显减轻,其优博2登录20 Gy和30 Gy区对比对照和10 Gy区均优博2登录极显著差异;茧层率在10 Gy和20 Gy辐照区与对照区比较变化不大,即23.37%、23.54%对比24.25%,而30 Gy辐照区显著降低,为21.74%;单蛾产卵数先升高后降低,从对照区的529粒到10 Gy的540粒和30 Gy的392粒,这可能是辐照使蚕生优博2登录发育的机制发生了改变,引起膜损伤、破坏蛋白质的结构的原因,并且对蚕的消化功能也产生了影响。

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19. This study includes two aspects: At the one hand, two types of mental EEG signal, one was collected during a fixed frequency sinusoidally modulated light stimulation and the other was collected without photic stimulation, have been studied contrastively to explore the possibility of different mental task EEG bringing with different rhythm assimilation response under the same frequency SML stimulation. The study results show that the oscillation of the rhythm corresponding to the stimulation frequency appeared in mental EEG during fixed frequency SML stimulation. The amplitude of the rhythm oscillation didn't descend with stimulation time and different mental EEG showed different rhythm assimilation effect at the same electrode position and a mental EEG showed different rhythm assimilation characteristics at different positions.

20. I scribed a midpoint line down the middle of the master so it would show on boths halves of the final mold.
      i scribed 1优博2登录点线下行优博2登录的主人,所以它会显示在boths边最后的模具。

show-1 单语例句

1. More than 1 million Taiwan business people work or live on the mainland, statistics show.

优博2登录2. In chart 4 we show the same summary bars as in chart 1, but now with the labels attached.

3. The agency granted that request and closed her case on April 1, court filings show.

优博2登录4. Figures from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange show that China's foreign exchange reserve stayed below US $ 1 billion before 1979.

优博2登录5. This show is said to be the No 1 ABBA experience you could ever have in China.

6. Blumenthal says the documents show that 73 people received at least $ 1 million apiece, and five of those got bonuses of more than $ 4 million.

优博2登录7. Never mind that the rankings will show Ferrero as the world No 1 on Monday.

优博2登录8. Statistics from the China nitrogenous fertilizer industry association show the country's total output of urea decreased by about 1 million tons this year.

优博2登录9. The reality show competition follows 32 people who participate in a shopping contest for a final prize of 1 million yuan.

10. Statistics show that the total penal sum involved in the fight against Chinese enterprises has exceeded US $ 1 billion.

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