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1. The results of this paper show:(1) The Upper Triassic Sanhedong Formation deposited in limited carbonate platform sedimentary environment of shallow marine; the temperature of paleo-sea water is mainly from 26.7℃~32.1℃, which indicates Lanping Basin located in the hot tropics during formation of the Upper Triassic Sanhedong Formation.(2) The provenance tectonic setting of sedimentary rocks from the Lanping Basin are represented by passive continental margin and continental island arc and the original source rocks were all derived from the upper continental crust, with felsic rocks dominant. So the Lanping Basin is a typical continental-type basin.(3) The evolution of Lanping Basin have undergone three different prototype basins'evolution, i. e. rift basin, depression basin and strike basin.(4) Ore-forming materials of deposits in large ore-assembly district were derived from crust (mainly from basement and stratum of basin ore-forming fluids were hot brine of basin dominant and the organic matter from source rocks of basin stratum has involved in mineralization; and mineralization epoch of deposits was about 56Ma or 30Ma, which are compatible with the times of collision of Indian plate and Eurasian plate and late strong compression stage respectively.

2. One parsec is defined as the distance at which a star would show a parallax displacement of 1 second of arc, a distance which proves to be approximately 3.258 light years.
优博2登录    一秒差距被定义为一颗恒星位移一度的距离,此距离经证实大约为3.258光年。

3. Simulation results show the high quality of monopulse 3-D images.
优博2登录    仿真结果表明,本文的方法优博2登录像质量较优博2登录。

4. Inspect its grabbing the function in marriage, main show is in 3 respects, namely illume function, attack prevent function and equestrian makings function.
优博2登录    考察其在抢婚优博2登录的功能,主要表现在三个方面,即照明功能、攻防功能和马料功能。

5. Recent studies show between one and two grams of mastic, taken daily as a supplement for just a few weeks, heals ulcers and completely deactivates H. pylori in almost three-quarters of people with ulcers--even when the bacterium was resistant to antibiotics.

6. The compositions of fruit types and their differentiation patterns with elevation of 1943 wild angiosperms in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province were explored. The results show that the proportion of dry fruits is 65.67% and 24.60% in fleshy fruits in the area. The most three are capsule (26.56%), achene (12.35%) and drupe (12.20%) among 22 basic fruit types. Fruit types and their species numbers increase and then decrease with elevation. The proportion of dry fruits increases and it vanishes at 3800 m or so in fleshy fruit with elevation. The proportion of capsule is dominant in each elevation segment and increases with elevation. It decreases and then increases in achene and caryopsis. It decreases in drupe and berry. It decreases and then increases in pome and samara.
    分析甘肃白水优博2登录国优博2登录级自然保护区1943种野生被子植物果实类型优博2登录优博2登录及其沿海拔梯度的变化规律,结果表明:本区干果和肉果分别占65.67%和24.60%,在22种基本果实类型优博2登录,居前3位的分别为蒴果(26.56%)、瘦果(12.35%)和核果(12.20%);果实类型及其种数随海拔升高呈先增加后减少的趋势;随着海拔升高,干果比例上升,肉果比例下降并消失于3800 m左右,其优博2登录蒴果比例在各海拔段均占据显著优势并呈上升趋势,瘦果和颖果比例先下降后上升,核果和浆果比例下降,梨果和翅果比例先上升后下降。

7. The results of two pivotal Phase 3 trials show that belimumab can reduce SLE disease activity.
    的两个关键阶段的试验结果表明,三可减少belimumab SLE疾病活动。

8. The results show that irrigated with the 0.3% water at the rate of 450 m^3 per hectare, the crop drought can be reduced, and the corn yield increased significantly, while the rate added to 900 m^3 per hectare and 1350 m^3 per hectare the output descended.

9. The following calculations show that a 3 phase 100 KVA 380 V delta/400V Wye transformer placed in the circuit, should meet the needs for 4 test stands.

10. photodikha.com

10. Direct and indirect losses caused by typhoon in Taiwan is estimated by the input-output model and the results show that in 74-90, direct and indirect losses result in total output losses by 300.642 billion, GDP damage by46.432billion, and unemployment by 519, 100 people.
优博2登录    透过投入产出模型估计过去台风灾损之直接与间接损失,其研究结果显示,民国74年至90年间,因台风损失之直接与间接效果共造优博2登录产出减损3006.42亿元、所得减损464.32亿元、51.91万人失业;平均每年损失176.85亿元、所得减损109.72亿元、3.05万人失业。

11. The experimental results show that the buck/ buck-boost converter works well with the following features: the maximum inductor current up to 750mA; the input voltage range is 3~6V; the output voltage range from 0.45 to input voltage-0.4V; the maximum power efficiency up to 93.6%.

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12. The results show that the number, length and width of the slots influence evidently the vibration behavior and thermal deflection of the circular saw.
优博2登录      对于分别开3、4、5、6个不同优博2登录度和宽度径向槽的圆锯片,径向槽的数量、优博2登录度、宽度对木优博2登录圆锯片的动态稳定性和热变形优博2登录优博2登录不同程度的影响。

13. Artemisia frigida had significant response to warming; the lengths of phenological growth periods for Artemisia frigida did not show an increasing trend in warmed plots, even disappeared in early September. Summed dominance ratio (SDR_3) of Artemisia frigida was lower (P0.05) in the warmed plot than in the control plot, Artemisia frigida is more sensitive to temperature changes than other species.
优博2登录      冷蒿对于温度的增加表现出明显差异,增温作用不仅没优博2登录延优博2登录冷蒿生优博2登录季,反而在2007年的9月上旬增温样地的冷蒿就出现枯黄现象,并且增温样地冷蒿的综合优势比(SDR_3)优博2登录显著的低于对照,相比其它植物,冷蒿的物候特征和营养生优博2登录对温度增加表现的更敏感。

14. The face is paralytic can happen at all ages, but 15~45 year old the commonnest, come on the peak is reached inside over number hour or 1~3 D, can incline the head unhealthily at the beginning of disease or ache after mandible horn, expression breaks down for flesh of a side countenance, frontal grain disappears, the eye is cracked greaten or close faint, when closing a key point, eyeball up foreign and rotational, show white sclerotic, call Bell the phenomenon, channel of ill side nose lip becomes shallow, quarrel prolapse, side of crooked Xiang Jian of the quarrel when grinningly, rouse cheek or whistle hourglass is enraged, the food when taking food often stops to age at ill side buccal between, at the same time companion has weep reach salivate.
优博2登录      面麻痹可发生于所优博2登录年龄,但15~45岁最优博2登录见,发病多于数小时或1~3 d内达到高峰,病初可优博2登录病侧耳或下颌角后疼痛,表现为一侧面部表情肌瘫痪、额纹消失、眼裂变大或闭合无力,闭眼时,眼球向上外方转动,露出白色巩膜,称Bell现象,病侧鼻唇沟变浅,口角下垂,露齿时口角歪向健侧,鼓腮或吹口哨时漏气,进食时食物优博2登录滞留于病侧齿颊之间,同时伴优博2登录流泪及流涎。

15. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

15. This study has adopted a corpus-based approach to investigate the differences between Chinese learners and English native speakers in connective use. It is found that:(1) Chinese learners tend to use more discourse connectives than native speakers; (2) Chinese learners and native speakers show general consistency in frequency distribution of different semantic categories of discourse connectives; (3) Chinese learners and native speakers display considerable dissimilarities in specific connective use, which is well illustrated by the mechanical use of some connectives, lack of stylistic awareness and semantic properties of some connectives, and preference for certain categories of connectives to introduce new information on the part of Chinese learners.
优博2登录      本文运用基於语料库的研究方法,对比分析了优博2登录国学习者与英语母语者在英语论文优博2登录使用话语联优博2登录语的差别,结果显示:优博2登录国学习者在论文写作优博2登录比母语者倾向於更多地使用联优博2登录语;(2)二者使用的联优博2登录语在语义分布上大致相同;(3)在每一类别内部具体联优博2登录语的使用上二者存在较大差异,主要表现为:学习者机械套用,欠缺必要的文体意识,及在表示列举、总结、转题和推论时,倾向於借助明显的联优博2登录语来达到发展主题的目的。

16. In order to research the mechanism of dynamic fracture, the fractured surface of dynamic tensile and dynamic fracture is investigated by microscope-analysis technique. The results are obtained as follows:(1) Under the condition of dynamic tensile, there is a brittle fracture feature in the local weak-link though the metals still show the ductile fracture feature.(2) The bright belt in the impact fracture surface is caused by the fatigue precrack blunt, a distribution of crack stretched zone. The width of the bright belt decreases with an increasing of the loading rate and a decreasing of the experimental temperature.(3) The dynamic crack doesn't start initiation from the crack tip, namely root of fatigue crack, but from the distance x〓 between crack tip, as the condition of cleavage crack nucleation and propagate are satisfied in there.

17. Afternoon tea is from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and the show costs RMB 228+ per person including free flowing Champagne.

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18. Simulation results show that the total time when network is connected increases 3 to 4 times over our related work of secure routing schemes with minimum energy cost path, and up to 10 to 50% over the related work of the conventional energy aware routing scheme.

19. Field surveys show that Phalaris minor is a major problem in wheat in the rice-wheat system of the Punjab, accounting for a loss of over 20-35% of yield in nearly one-third of fields.
      大田调查表明,小粒虉草(是旁遮普省稻麦制优博2登录小麦的主要问题,几乎 l/3的大田损失产量20~35%。


show-3 单语例句

1. Records for November and early December show the temperature was 2 to 3 degrees centigrade higher than average.

2. North and Central America should be able to view the entire show, which is expected to last 3 hours and a half if skies are clear.

优博2登录3. Statistics show around 3 million patients in China are waiting for cornea transplants.

4. Statistics show that international standards for protein content call for 3 grams per 100 grams of milk.

优博2登录5. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show took place in New York in February, and was extended from 3 days to 4 because of the number of people attending.

6. The Sultan of Brunei reaped the first stalks of homegrown paddy on Aug 3 to show his support for local production.

7. Statistics show that more than 3 million tons of plastic waste is discarded by people every year.

优博2登录8. Statistics show that 3 percent of students drop out of Chinese universities voluntarily every year.

优博2登录9. The show will be broadcast live on television starting at 3 pm.

10. But they bested the show's past average audience of fewer than 3 million viewers.

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