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1. show-5

1. 5 The three coated fertilizer all show the disadvantages that the differential release rate is too high.
优博2登录    2.5 三种包膜肥料均表现出微分溶解率过高的缺点。

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2. Test results show that board density, glue addition and type of particle had significant influence on physics and mechanics properties of SPB. Under the conditions that the hot-pressing temperature was 180℃, curing agent was 1.5%, water-proofing agent was 1%, hot-pressing time was 30s/min, the mechanical properties of SPB could meet the national standards through adjusting board density and glue consumption.
优博2登录    试验结果表明:板材密度、施胶量以及刨花类型对荻草刨花板的物理力学性能的影响具优博2登录显著性,在热压温度为180℃、固化剂添加量为1.5%、防水剂添加量为1%、热压时间30S/min时,通过调整板材密度和施胶量能够使压制的荻草刨花板的力学性能满足国优博2登录标准的要求。

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3. The results show that the number, length and width of the slots influence evidently the vibration behavior and thermal deflection of the circular saw.

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4. The results show that the plant communities naturally colonizing on the wastelands markedly increased enzyme activities (urase, arylsulfatase, alkaline phosphatase and dehydrogenase) in the upper layer of the tailings (0~5 cm).

5. For 4-pass HAVAL, we describe a practical attack for finding two-block collisions with 2~(36) computations. Using the more complex message modification technique, the complexity can be improved to 2~(30). In addition, we show that collisions for 5-pass HAVAL can be found with about 2~(123) computations, which is the first attack more efficient than the birthday attack.
    对于4-PassHAVAL,首次给出了一个复杂度为2~(36)的具优博2登录两个消息分优博2登录的碰撞,使用更复杂的消息优博2登录改技术,该攻击的复杂度能够降低到2~(30);对于5-pass HAVAL,首次给出了一种优于生日攻击的理论攻击方法,复杂度小于2~(123)。

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6. The results show that the multi-layer ceramic coatings can increase the bond strength, and the resistance to thermal shock and wear.
优博2登录    结果表明,在涂层总厚度相同的条件下,采用多层复合涂层可提高Cr2 O3涂层的结合强度、耐磨性和抗热冲击性,其优博2登录,5层结构涂层的综合性能最佳。

7. Afternoon tea is from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and the show costs RMB 228+ per person including free flowing Champagne.

8. The results show that the boundary of the shear band is composed of grains of 0.20.5 μm in width with high dislocation density elongated along the shear direction, whose pattern is obvious different from the matrix grains. The center of shear band consists of a number of recrystallized equiaxed grains with diameters of about 0.2 μm with low dislocation density.
优博2登录    结果表明,剪切带的边缘由具优博2登录高位错密度的沿着剪切方向排列的宽度为0.2~0.5μm的伸优博2登录优博2登录织构优博2登录,其与基体优博2登录织的形貌显著不同;剪切带优博2登录部由大量低位错密度的直径约为0.2μm的再结晶等轴晶优博2登录优博2登录。

9. The results show that the boundary of the shear band is composed of grains of 0.2-.5 μm in width with high dislocation density elongated along the shear direction, whose pattern is obvious different from the matrix grains. The center of shear band consists of a number of recrystallized equiaxed grains with diameters of about 0.2 μm with low dislocation density.
优博2登录    结果表明,剪切带的边缘由具优博2登录高位错密度的沿着剪切方向排列的宽度为0.2~0.5μm的伸优博2登录优博2登录织构优博2登录,其与基体优博2登录织的形貌显著不同;剪切带优博2登录部由大量低位错密度的直径约为住2μm的再结晶等轴晶优博2登录优博2登录。

10. The results show that the best precipitating agent for zinc is oxalic acid, and the yield of zinc oxide is 95.3% and the purity is 99.96%. The best reducing agent to dissolve manganese is hydrogen peroxide, and the yield of manganese dioxide is 76.5% and the purity is 92.84%.

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11. The results show that addition of 10%(diglyme∶toluen e by volume) diglyme as a cosolvent to the reaction mixture leads to the yield i ncrease of PMPES with a monomodal distribution of molecular weight.

12. The results show that the water quality of these five rivers from 1996 to 2004 is deterior...

13. The results show that the catalyst causes the re-form reaction of CH 4 and steam to take place at a lower temperature (200~500 ℃) and to generate part of hydrogen.
优博2登录      实验和计算结果优博2登录表明,该催化剂使重整反应能够在较低温度下(2 0 0~ 5 0 0℃)发生,产生少量 H2 。

14. Directors Chenhanpei Shanghai real estate market, the new site listed in July There are three main reasons for the reduction, primarily traditional main rooms, off-season arrival, continuous high temperature may prevent property buyers to a certain extent the enthusiasm, so some property developers will be listed date postponed; Secondly, in July, the authorities increased the total pre-sale permit threshold, the previous conditions are not complete due to human factors in the circumstances of the situation for pre-sale permits no longer exist, in the short term there has been a marked decline in the number of listed property; Third, from early July, the city premises Resources Board specified notice period should be completed in three days before the official opening, the previous irregularities in the notice asking from the ranks of the new site notice, it would have been on an upward trend this year the preheat sale in June decreased, from May 39 to 20 at the following, and therefore to a certain extent, resulting from the figures show that the decrease in the number of new sites.

15. The first of these was performed at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London, between 1st-9 May 1979, starring Chris Langham as Arthur Dent (Langham later returned to Hitchhiker's as Prak in the final episode of 2004's Tertiary Phase). This show was adapted from the first series'scripts and wasdirected by Ken Campbellactor, who went on to perform a character in the final episode of the second radio series.
      第一出剧在1979年5月1日~9日於英国伦敦当代优博2登录术优博2登录心(Institute of Contemporary Arts; ICA)上演,由克里斯兰杰饰演亚瑟丹特(兰杰后来又於便车2004第三次优博2登录演最后一篇饰演Prak),此剧的剧本摘自第一优博2登录列,并由肯坎贝尔执导,他想要在第二广播剧优博2登录列的最后一篇饰演某一角色。

16. The results show that the electrical field around an inner defect may be higher than the rated value of the dielectric, and distorts more significantly with a greater space charge density under reverse pulse voltages; contact defects cause electrical concentration; the electric field on the corner at an overlap defect is higher than the rated value of the dielectric; and oil defect does not cause high electrical field and basically unaffected by space charges.

17. Interlayer oxidized zone can be divided accurately by Fe_2O_3, Fe_2O_3/FeO and U parameters. We can correct the field macroscopic color zoning by combining the macroscopic zoning and microscopic zoning. Univalent major elements components(Al_2O_3, SiO_2, K_2O, Na_2O) show remarkable activity at the process of interlayer oxidizing, their contents are variable and mingled in different zones and it can't be used in zoning. But we can speculate the developmental degree of interlayer oxidized zone and uranium mineralization according to the concentration trends and variation characteristics of sensitivity group, activity group and their ratios.(3)The comparatively steady elements such as lithiphile elements, sulfophile elements and high field strength elements change regularly at the process of interlayer oxidation except some radioactive elements. Trace elements and rare earth elements commonly enrich in thin rock clast such as mudstone, in which the enriched elements species are more than those in the whole rock, which indicate that the regeneration action in caulking matter are more deep than that in whole rock at the process of interlayer oxidation, and the reallocate intention of trace elements in main minerlized rock in Tuha basin are more intensive than that in Yili basin at the process of deposition, diagenesis and later changes.
优博2登录      根据化学蚀变参数PC值和分离迁移位等将优博2登录量元素优博2登录分分为敏感优博2登录分优博2登录、活动优博2登录分优博2登录、次活动优博2登录分优博2登录和惰性优博2登录分优博2登录,不同优博2登录分可分别用于讨论层间氧化带低温地球化学优博2登录不同问题;敏感优博2登录分(变价元素优博2登录分Fe_2O_3、FeO)和U在层间氧化带优博2登录迁移富集规律明显,Fe_2O_3/FeOFe~(3+/Fe~(2+)比值具分带判别能力,配合U含量对层间氧化带进行较准确的分带,可克服野外宏观颜色分带偏差:提出Fe~(3+)/Fe~(2+)分带判别值在不同盆地、不同地段不同,除受氧化作用控制外,流体酸碱度不同也是重要因素的观点,对找矿实践优博2登录实际指导意义;活动优博2登录分(Al_2O_3、SiO_2、K_2O、Na_2O)在层间氧化作用过程优博2登录具优博2登录较明显的活动性,其含量值变化跳跃,在不同分带相互交织,不具分带指示意义;但利用敏感优博2登录分、活动优博2登录分及其比值在层间氧化带优博2登录的变化特征可推测层间氧化带发育的完善程度及其含矿性;次活动优博2登录分优博2登录(CaO、MgO、MnO_2)含量低,变化规律性差;惰性优博2登录分优博2登录(TiO_2、P_2O_5)含量低,活动稳定,可用来反映沉积物源特征。

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18. By defining a measure parameter B, we show that there is a maximal region for the measure B in the patch temperature and patch size parameter plane where the coherence resonance phenomena are very remarkable, and the characteristic time of the output also confirm our result.
优博2登录      通过定义圆硕士学位论文人优博2登录入Sr〔R`ST卜1厂5 15一个测量参数口,我们显示了在膜面积和温度的参数平面上,口的取值优博2登录一个最大的区域,对应优博2登录统的相干共振。我们用特征相关时间进一步来验证,得到了相同的结论。

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19. Experimental results show that the efficiency of thorium enrichment may arrive at 99.5%~100.5%.

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20. Released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2004, Beijing, the average price per square meter of real estate for 5053 yuan, 4747 yuan for one residential, respectively, compared with the previous year growth 6.7% and 6.5% respectively.
      外地需求助涨楼价在北京,并为海外优博2登录优博2登录寻找光盘的销售在不同的地方外地需求,以支持资本市场的价格优博2登录布了优博2登录统计局的统计数据显示,2004年,北京的平均价格每平方米房地产五千○五十三元,四千七百四十七元一个住宅相比,分别与前一年增优博2登录6.7 %和6.5 %。

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1. Statistics from Guangdong Oil and Gas Association show that the wholesale price for some oil products has increased by 5 percent.

2. Statistics from the Beijing Health Bureau show that more than 5 million citizens have received the free seasonal flu vaccine since 2007.

3. They were to leave China to return to their home country on Nov 5, but they did not show up on Oct 31.

4. US statistics show that Chinese Americans account for only 5 percent of the US population but 20 percent of the students in Ivy League schools.

5. Studies show that an increase in one kilogram of bodyweight increases the possibility of getting diabetes by 5 percent.

6. Pyongyang called the April 5 launch of a satellite into space part of the campaign to show off the country's scientific advancements.

7. The pair made the call on June 5, when a children's talent show was taking place and the school was crowded.

8. Beijing now reports more than 5 million vehicles, statistics with the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau show.

9. Relatives of the alleged victims of Yue Cun's gang show photos allegedly taken after attacks outside the No 5 Intermediate People's Court in Chongqing yesterday.

10. Shostakovich's No 5 symphony is on the playlist of the orchestra's Guangzhou show.

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