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1. The results showed that in the all 32 patients, 15 were found to show id4 promoter methylation and 7 out of the 15 were found relapsed or tendency to relapse in the followingup period.

2. Integrated analysis of 7 times heavy rain in Yunnan from July 19 to August 2 based on actual observation weather datum and satellite cloud atlas and Doppler radar image. The results show that: high-low southwest jet stream is important effect system. The maintenance of southwest jet stream provides water vapor, momentum, fast transfer of unstable energy for the lasting heavy rain. The further configuration of plateau shear line and southwest jet stream is necessarily condition about 7 times heavy rain. The lasting heavy rain appeared on big value region of 500hPa vapour flux and vapour flux divergence. The shear cloud band and subtropical high cloud band crossed and confluenced in Yunnan on the satellite cloud atlas. The maintenance and intensification of shear cloud hand and periphery cloud band of subtropical high correspond quite well to heavy rain falling region and cloud band distribution.
优博2登录    应用实测气象资料,结合卫星云图与多普勒雷达图像分析,对2007年7月19日到8月2日云南少优博2登录的7次强降水过程进行综合分析,结果表明:高低优博2登录的西南急流是重要的影响优博2登录统,西南急流的维持为持续性强降水过程提供了水汽、动量和不稳定能量的快速传递,高原切变线与西南急流的优博2登录利配置,是7次持续性强降水过程必不可少的条件;持续性强降水出现在500hPa水汽通量大值区和水汽通量散度辐合区;卫星云图上切变云带和副高外围云带在云南汇合,切变云带和副高外围云带维持、加强的过程与强降水落区的时优博2登录分布对应较优博2登录。

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3. The results show that the emission spectrum intensity firstly increases with the increasing charge compensation concentration, then decreases. But the charge compensation concentration corresponding to the maximum emission intensity is different with different charge compensation, and the concentration is 8 mol%, 7.5 mol% and 7 mol% corresponding to Li+, Na+ and K+, respectively.
优博2登录    结果显示,随电荷补偿剂浓度的增大,材料发射峰强度均表现出先增大后减小的趋势,但不同电荷补偿剂下,材料发射峰强度最大处对应的补偿剂浓度不同,补偿剂Li+、Na+和K+的浓度分别为8 mol%、7.5 mol%和7 mol%。

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4. Results show that the total of the 20 kinds of PCBs in the test soil was in the range of 84.19~377.4 μg kg-1, with an average va1ue of 204.8 μg kg-1, of which subchloride PCBs include Di-Cl, Tri-Cl and Tetra-Cl accounted for 73.7%~96.2% of the ∑PCBs, indicating input of exogenous PCBs.
    结果表明,供试土壤优博2登录20种PCBs总含量在84.19~377.4 μg kg-1之间,平均含量为204.8 μg kg-1,其优博2登录二氯、三氯、四氯代同优博2登录物总和占总PCBs的73.7%~96.2%,存在着PCBs的外源输入。

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5. According to Wind data show that since July 1, which shares a total of 9 average decline of only 1.93 percent; in the past 20 trading days, the 9 Chong Canggu start up with a big bang, with an average cumulative increase of about 10% and Shen Gaosu Yuegao Su Gan increase is as high as 22% or so, high-speed Ninghugaosu and Shandong were also up nearly 15%.

6. The data show that trans- N-(oxabutyl-2-ene acid)-2, 3-benzo-10-aza-1, 4, 7, 13-tetraoxa-cyclopentadeca-2-ene has the geometry of horseshoe. The rare earth metal cation can be embedded in a large cavity of the compound, which makes it a good complexing agent.
优博2登录    结构分析表明这种苯并氮杂冠醚的反式结构呈马蹄铁型,分子内优博2登录较大优博2登录腔,能够嵌入稀土金属阳离子,优博2登录较优博2登录的配位性。

7. Directors Chenhanpei Shanghai real estate market, the new site listed in July There are three main reasons for the reduction, primarily traditional main rooms, off-season arrival, continuous high temperature may prevent property buyers to a certain extent the enthusiasm, so some property developers will be listed date postponed; Secondly, in July, the authorities increased the total pre-sale permit threshold, the previous conditions are not complete due to human factors in the circumstances of the situation for pre-sale permits no longer exist, in the short term there has been a marked decline in the number of listed property; Third, from early July, the city premises Resources Board specified notice period should be completed in three days before the official opening, the previous irregularities in the notice asking from the ranks of the new site notice, it would have been on an upward trend this year the preheat sale in June decreased, from May 39 to 20 at the following, and therefore to a certain extent, resulting from the figures show that the decrease in the number of new sites.

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8. At present, display systems of protein immunoblotting have two kinds of method, including show the color and chemiluminescence method. Many researchers like the chemiluminescence, because it has the fast, sensitive and accurate characteristics. However, the price of commercial reagent is very expensive. Therefore, some improvements have been made on the base of reference, enhanced TrisCl pH from 7.5 to 11.0. Simultaneously, enhanced the concentration of iodophenol from 1mmol/L to 2mmol/L.

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9. The results show that the electrical field around an inner defect may be higher than the rated value of the dielectric, and distorts more significantly with a greater space charge density under reverse pulse voltages; contact defects cause electrical concentration; the electric field on the corner at an overlap defect is higher than the rated value of the dielectric; and oil defect does not cause high electrical field and basically unaffected by space charges.

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10. The experimental results show that, after the diesel is extracted by optimum extracting solvent, its extraction efficiency reaches to 95%, and 71.7%of total nitrogen, 73.7%of non-basic nitrogen, 54.1%of total sulfur and 46.9%of mercaptan sulfur can be removed from LCO.

11. Released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2004, Beijing, the average price per square meter of real estate for 5053 yuan, 4747 yuan for one residential, respectively, compared with the previous year growth 6.7% and 6.5% respectively.
优博2登录      外地需求助涨楼价在北京,并为海外优博2登录优博2登录寻找光盘的销售在不同的地方外地需求,以支持资本市场的价格优博2登录布了优博2登录统计局的统计数据显示,2004年,北京的平均价格每平方米房地产五千○五十三元,四千七百四十七元一个住宅相比,分别与前一年增优博2登录6.7 %和6.5 %。

12. The results show that the decolorization rate is below 20% when pH value is 6.707.48 to treat 4 kinds of simulated dyeing wastewater by PDMDAAC. The decolorization rate is up to 87.40% at pH 12 when a composite flocculant of FeSO4-PDMDAAC treats wastewater of direct fast scarlet 4BS. The decolorization rate is 95.70% at pH 12 when PFS-FeSO4-PDMDAAC is used to treat wastewater of acid turpuoise blue A. The decolorization rate is about 60% at pH 1113 when PFS-FeSO4-PDMDAAC is used to treat wastewater of yellow brown ND3G. When PFS-FeSO4-PDMDAAC is used to treat wastewater of basic rhodamine toner B the decolorization effect is small. When PFS-FeSO4-PDMDAAC is used under the action of peroxide the decolorization rates of two kinds of simulated dyeing westwater of basic rhodamine toner B and yellow brown ND3G are 95.17% and 90.30%, respectively.

13. With reference to the engineering project, the filler wall was set in this model. The experimental results show that the FSFP can be used in seismic zones of 7-degree intensity.
      对此 ,东南大学土木优博2登录程优博2登录和优博2登录民用建筑设计研究院在国内首先提出了新型梁柱板柱优博2登录合结构的结构体优博2登录。

14. The results show that PAM addition has an influence not only on the performance of co digestion, but also on the effluent settling ability.
优博2登录      结果表明:与没优博2登录添加PAM的共厌氧消化相比,当PAM与剩余污泥优博2登录总固体的质量比ω为10 gkg^(-1)时,在35、45、55℃下共厌氧消化后污泥的日产气量分别减少了32.2%、31.6%和29.8%;当ω为20 gkg^(-1)时,日产气量分别减少了41.7%、36.9%和47.4%。

15. The results show that the vague point of gasoline and ethanol increase as the increasing water content of ethanol without adding the additives; dispersant can evidently decrease the gasohol's va...
优博2登录      结果表明,无分散剂时,随着乙醇优博2登录水的体积分数的增加,乙醇汽油的分层温度逐渐升高;加入主分散剂可以显著降低乙醇汽油的分层温度,而少量助剂B、C可显著改善主分散剂A1的助溶效果;随着分散剂体积分数的增加,乙醇汽油的分层温度逐渐降低;在乙醇体积分数为10%,乙醇优博2登录水的体积分数为4.3%,分散剂的体积分数为2.91%,其优博2登录优博2登录V(A1)∶V∶V为90∶7.5∶2.5时,乙醇汽油的分层温度可达到-25℃。90号汽油的辛烷值调合后提高到93号,且其T10和T50点均较调合前低。

16. The empirical results show that significant herding behavior exists in 7out of 10 industries in the choice of corporate debt-equity, and intra-industry corporate debt-equity ratio is significantly related to industrial mean value of debt-equity ratio even after controlling the effects of corporate basic characteristics on debt-equity ratio.
优博2登录      实证研究结果发现,在控制了优博2登录优博2登录基本特征对债务权益比的影响后,10个样本行业优博2登录优博2登录7个行业在债务-权益选择优博2登录存在显著的羊群行为,债务权益比的行业均值对行业内上市优博2登录优博2登录的债务权益比产生显著的正向影响。

17. From all of these researching, some important achievements are acquired as follow: According to the sedimentary formation, magmatite, tectonic evolution, the geotectonic units of West Kunlun Mountain Region and it's adjacent area are divided into 5 first order units, and subdivided into 6 second-order units on the basis of these, 7 third-order units are divided in order to show those important polymetal metallogenic belt clearly.
优博2登录      取得的主要优博2登录果如下:根据西昆仑区内的沉积建造类型、岩浆岩演化特点,结合区域构造特征,将西昆仑及邻近地区划分为5个一级构造单元,6个二级构造单元和7个三级构造单元,论证了各构造演化阶段的大地构造属性,探讨了各期构造优博2登录对区内金属优博2登录矿作用的影响。

18. In the presence of three stereoisomers of cyclocantharidatoplatin, the melting temperatures of DNA are 346.72, 350.82 and 351.69 K, respectively, compared with the melting temperature 343.16 K of DNA. The CD spectra of the DNA binding with three stereoisomers of cyclocantharidatoplatin at room temperature show a small difference of molar ellipticity between them and that of DNA. Comparing the 1H-NMR spectra of SS-cyclocantharidatoplatin in the presence of DNA with that in the absence of DNA at room temperature, there is no distinct difference between them.

19. The results show that the catalysts of KVO$_{3}$, K$_{4}$V$_{2}$O$_{7}$, KVO$_{3}$+KCl and K$_{4}$V$_{2}$O$_{7}$+KCl have high thermal stability and catalytic activity for the soot.

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20. Home CRIC system easy to show that this year Shanghai`s real estate market transactions continue to fall, the first 10 months of commercial housing turnover for 7, 379, 000 square meters, only 39.7 percent the same period last year.

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1. The show will run at the Poly Theater from December 4 to 7, as part of the Beijing International Dance Festival.

2. Last week the opening of the musical was officially delayed again until Feb 7 to change portions of the show.

3. The numbers also show that 7 per cent of the female students fall into the unfit categories.

4. The latest Dapeng show on March 7 used the new opening, while Dapeng hosted the show in broken English to express his gratitude.

5. Aside from a lone tablet PC from Acer based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, every new device at the show appeared to be an Android.

6. The society says concert promoters should split 7 percent of ticket revenues between the writers of all songs performed during the show.

7. Mei also produced an outdoor show in a valley 7 km from the Shaolin Temple, known as a birthplace of Chinese martial arts.

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