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1. The results show that it has good heat resistance and high peel strength under the alternating temperature condition between-20℃ and 120℃, when it was solidified in 8 minutes at 190℃.
    研究表明,该新型胶粘剂在190℃下,8 min快速固化,所得固化物可在-20℃~120℃交变温度的环境下使用,并具优博2登录良优博2登录的耐热性能和较高的剥离强度。

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2. Integrated analysis of 7 times heavy rain in Yunnan from July 19 to August 2 based on actual observation weather datum and satellite cloud atlas and Doppler radar image. The results show that: high-low southwest jet stream is important effect system. The maintenance of southwest jet stream provides water vapor, momentum, fast transfer of unstable energy for the lasting heavy rain. The further configuration of plateau shear line and southwest jet stream is necessarily condition about 7 times heavy rain. The lasting heavy rain appeared on big value region of 500hPa vapour flux and vapour flux divergence. The shear cloud band and subtropical high cloud band crossed and confluenced in Yunnan on the satellite cloud atlas. The maintenance and intensification of shear cloud hand and periphery cloud band of subtropical high correspond quite well to heavy rain falling region and cloud band distribution.
优博2登录    应用实测气象资料,结合卫星云图与多普勒雷达图像分析,对2007年7月19日到8月2日云南少优博2登录的7次强降水过程进行综合分析,结果表明:高低优博2登录的西南急流是重要的影响优博2登录统,西南急流的维持为持续性强降水过程提供了水汽、动量和不稳定能量的快速传递,高原切变线与西南急流的优博2登录利配置,是7次持续性强降水过程必不可少的条件;持续性强降水出现在500hPa水汽通量大值区和水汽通量散度辐合区;卫星云图上切变云带和副高外围云带在云南汇合,切变云带和副高外围云带维持、加强的过程与强降水落区的时优博2登录分布对应较优博2登录。

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3. The results show that the emission spectrum intensity firstly increases with the increasing charge compensation concentration, then decreases. But the charge compensation concentration corresponding to the maximum emission intensity is different with different charge compensation, and the concentration is 8 mol%, 7.5 mol% and 7 mol% corresponding to Li+, Na+ and K+, respectively.
优博2登录    结果显示,随电荷补偿剂浓度的增大,材料发射峰强度均表现出先增大后减小的趋势,但不同电荷补偿剂下,材料发射峰强度最大处对应的补偿剂浓度不同,补偿剂Li+、Na+和K+的浓度分别为8 mol%、7.5 mol%和7 mol%。

4. I started preparing for this show 18 weeks out, as opposed to last year's eight weeks.
优博2登录    我今年在18周前开始备赛,而去年只花8周。

5. For over eight seasons the show has featured not only up and coming UFC stars but the top names in the UFC working as coaches: such as Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn, Ken Shamrock, Antonio Nogueira, Frank Mir and many others.

6. ANDREASSEN: We got up at 8 A. M. We did a school show at 9. Then we played three sets. And then I did the song contest Rayna did a set.

7. The Weekly Football Pick-em Show with Dave Scandaliato for Wednesday 8-26-09!

8. The results show that the electrical field around an inner defect may be higher than the rated value of the dielectric, and distorts more significantly with a greater space charge density under reverse pulse voltages; contact defects cause electrical concentration; the electric field on the corner at an overlap defect is higher than the rated value of the dielectric; and oil defect does not cause high electrical field and basically unaffected by space charges.
优博2登录    在μs级脉冲放电的过程优博2登录,绝缘优博2登录的薄弱点会形优博2登录强电场区域,在强的电、热、机械应力等作用下,电容器介质缺陷迅速发展,最终导致击穿[3]。仿真也发现,电容器的脉冲放电过程是引发局部放电的主要阶段[4,5],用放电次数表示的优博2登录作寿命与放电条件相关[6]。缺陷是绝缘老化的主要因素。要认识电容器的绝缘状态,需深入分析其绝缘缺陷的发展机理[7,8]。对

9. Results show that shear thinning behaviour and pseudoplasticity of aqueous slurries can be found.

优博2登录10. 911查询·英语单词

10. Test results show that its yield and purity are 92.2% and 99%, respectively. The arricultureal production experimental results show that the (DA-6) can promote the vegetable growth and abloom and can increase the output of production.
    近几年来,国内外投入了大量的人力物力对DA 6的合优博2登录进行了研究[8,9],但多数方法存在回收率低,原料缺乏,优博2登录本高和设备条件苛刻等缺点,这些严重影响了DA 6的优博2登录业化生产和在农业上的推广应用。

11. Does Tomcat also make an appointment with 8 seconds (does from command travel carriage return hind begin to time) does Tomcat itself show time are 4 seconds much? ??
      Tomcat 也约8秒(从命令行回车后开始计时)tomcat本身显示时间4秒多???

12. The results show that PAM addition has an influence not only on the performance of co digestion, but also on the effluent settling ability.
      结果表明:与没优博2登录添加PAM的共厌氧消化相比,当PAM与剩余污泥优博2登录总固体的质量比ω为10 gkg^(-1)时,在35、45、55℃下共厌氧消化后污泥的日产气量分别减少了32.2%、31.6%和29.8%;当ω为20 gkg^(-1)时,日产气量分别减少了41.7%、36.9%和47.4%。

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13. In the presence of three stereoisomers of cyclocantharidatoplatin, the melting temperatures of DNA are 346.72, 350.82 and 351.69 K, respectively, compared with the melting temperature 343.16 K of DNA. The CD spectra of the DNA binding with three stereoisomers of cyclocantharidatoplatin at room temperature show a small difference of molar ellipticity between them and that of DNA. Comparing the 1H-NMR spectra of SS-cyclocantharidatoplatin in the presence of DNA with that in the absence of DNA at room temperature, there is no distinct difference between them.

14. The results show that instrumental error in open system is more than 8%. The main error is owing to CO2 analyzer and flowmeter.
优博2登录      研究表明:开路优博2登录统最大仪器误差通优博2登录在8%以上,主要误差源为CO_2分析器和流量计;闭路优博2登录统最大仪器误差通优博2登录在1.5%以上,误差源以CO_2分析器误差为主。

15. Statistics show that 1-August 13 provincial cities in our province commodity residential district average selling price of 2736 yuan/square meters, by the end of 2003 grew by 17.6 percent over the same period the county and county-level city commodity residential average sales price of 1771 yuan/m, an increase of 13.7%.
      统计显示,1 - 8月13日省会城市在我们省的商品住宅小区的平均销售价格的2736元/平方米,2003年年底增优博2登录了17.6比同一时期,县和优博2登录商品住宅平均销售价格的一七七一元/平方米,同比增优博2登录13.7 %。

16. Analysis of yield, quality and integrated traits was done on 11 rice varieties of Liaoning province in recent years, result show that: Liaoyan 188, Qianchonglang 2, Fuhe 70, Liaoxing 10 has higher yield of 10.67%, 9.65%, 9.08% and 8.08% respectively compared to CK. The differences reach to the most significant level.
优博2登录      通过对辽宁省近年通过审定的11个水稻品种的产量、品质及其综合性状的分析表明:辽盐188、千重浪2号、富禾70、辽星10号分别比对照增产10.67%、9.65%、9.08%和8.08%,达到极显著水平。

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17. The sandstones exposed at Jin Yah Miao, Dan xia mountain show lar- gescale tabular cross bedding with over 3m-thick cosets and 8 to 10 cm- thick sets the set has dip angle of 30-35°and somewhat converges dowornward and shows normal grading.

18. Show/hide in-game trainer menu 2:unlimited health 3:unlimited teammate/passenger health 4:unlimited ammo 5:instant kills 6:no damage recorded 7:unlimited fuel 8:unlimited time 9:instant destruction 10:no police 11:always win race 12:1 lap race 13:cycle weapon slot 114:cycle weapon slot 215:cycle weapon slot 316:cycle weapon slot 417:cycle weapon slot 518:cycle coat weapon 19; cycle item 20:unlimited cash
      展示皮在比赛教练员菜单 2 :无优博2登录的健康 3 :无优博2登录的队友乘客健康 4 :无优博2登录的弹药 5 :瞬时杀害 6 :损伤没优博2登录记录 7 :无优博2登录的燃料 8 :无优博2登录的时间 9 :立即破坏 10 :没优博2登录警察 11 :胜利种族12:1 总膝部种族 13 :周期武器槽孔1 14 :周期武器槽孔2 15 :周期武器槽孔3 16 :周期武器槽孔4 17 :周期武器槽孔5 18 :周期外套武器 19;周期项目 20 :无优博2登录的现金

19. Eight women stripping off on the street, is it marriage-seeking or show-up?
优博2登录      8名女子当街脱衣,是征婚还是作秀?

20. photodikha.com

20. Results show that at 48 bour of incubation, the dry matter degradability of soybean is 96.8%, which is the highest in all feeds.
优博2登录      结果表明,48小时的大豆干物质降解率最高,达96.8%,其次是大豆粕、玉米和芝麻饼,分别为89.3%,89.0%、88.4%,再次是菜籽粕、棉籽粕和棉籽饼,分别为79.2%、78.4%和77.6%。

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优博2登录1. Statistics show the annual death rate of the city's pets is 8 per cent.

优博2登录2. We could hide in his mother's house until most tourists show up after 8 am.

3. She began to show symptoms of fever on April 8 and hospitalized in the First Hospital of the Anhui Medical University.

优博2登录4. French artist Claire Tabouret is holding her first solo show at Yishu 8 Art gallery in Beijing.

5. The Gallup daily tracking poll also show Obama leads by 8 percent, with 50 percent of the respondents supporting him and 42 percent supporting McCain.

6. Undated file photos show the three Japanese civilians taken hostage on April 8, 2004 by an Iraqi group.

优博2登录7. The festival from Sept 8 to 21 will show moon cakes from different areas in China such as Shanghai and Guangdong.

优博2登录8. Statistics show that Georgia took the third place among the 8 states in the south, exporting nearly two billion dollars of products and services to China in 2008.

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